Saturday, May 7, 2016

CORIAL releases process control software for atomic layer processing using conventional dry process tools

Plasma etch and deposition equipment maker CORIAL ( of Bernin, France, a provider of plasma etching and deposition equipment has launched COSMA Pulse as new software enabling pulsed or time-multiplexed processing on conventional dry process tools. 

The firm has found a way to add new capabilities (pulsing of process parameters) to conventional dry etching and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) systems to realize deep reactive ion etching (DRIE)-Bosch processing, atomic layer etching (ALE) and/or atomic layer deposition (ALD). 

Developed with the R&D market in mind, COSMA Pulse can control and pulse simultaneously and independently from all other process parameters, including gas flow rate, working pressure, RF power, LF power, or virtual process parameters. 

"We are proud to announce the first successful demonstration of COSMA Pulse on a 200mm ICP-RIE system", says R&D manager Jean-Pierre Roch. For this demo, CORIAL chose the DRIE-Bosch – a classical process that alternates repeatedly etching and passivation steps to achieve deep anisotropic etching of silicon structures. DRIE-Bosch is the cornerstone of MEMS, advanced packaging and power devices manufacturing flows. "COSMA Pulse, with adequate electronic controller, will deliver very fast process step switching from 10ms for a single process step up to 1 minute," says Roch.

The software ensures that the wide range of dry etching and deposition techniques - from continuous wave plasma to pulsed processing - can be realized in conventional ICP-RIE and PECVD tools. 

"COSMA Pulse expands CORIAL's available market, giving customers alternative options for their etching processes," says marketing manager Elsa Bernard-Moulin. "This demonstration is just a taste of the capabilities of COSMA Pulse. Soon, we will be letting you see true atomic layer processing on our conventional ICP-RIE tool."

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