Thursday, May 19, 2016

Critical Materials Conference 2016 It's Not too Late - Registration for Presentation!

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Critical Materials Conference 2016
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May 4, 2017, Dallas, TX (tentative) 
     This year's conference was a success, bringing together attendees from both business and technical backgrounds. "Development is no longer completely separate from the business aspect of production - both R&D and manufacturing segments must understand the different technological and market dynamics of critical materials to plan for profitable semiconductor IC fabrication,"  commented TECHCET's President, Lita Shon-Roy.
     Throughout the conference, the common theme was the importance of manufacturing-oriented material design. Tim Hendry's presentation elaborated on this, touching on every front end material segment category. Norm Armour connected all these concepts, highlighting the importance of minimizing carbon footprints through recycling and improved manufacturing efficiency.
Here's What the Attendees Had to Say:
"Upon our return we concluded that CMC should be on the recurring conference list."
"Very good meeting. Great focus on key issues."
"Excellent content - practical issues and challenges discussed."

"The event was a wonderful event to attend and I learned a lot."

"Very good conference - good speaker lineup, good content, stimulating topics."

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