Thursday, May 26, 2016

Picosun extends life time for flexible electronics with ALD encapsulation

ESPOO, Finland, 26th May, 2016 – Picosun Oy, the leading supplier of high quality ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) production solutions, brings to the printed electronics market ALD equipment specifically designed for large area flexible electronics encapsulation.

Manufacturing electronic components on flexible plastic substrates enables light-weight, bendable, and lower cost end-user products. Flexible displays, wearable electronics and “smart” clothes are some of the most common examples. More specific applications can be found in medical and security industries, where advanced X-ray detectors are being developed utilizing organic electronic components printed on plastic foils.

Organic electronics has the potential to enable a whole new generation of products, but one of its main drawbacks is the components’ sensitivity to moisture and airborne impurities. Ultra-thin ALD nanolaminates provide an ideal solution to this. Flexible, invisible, and practically weightless ALD films form dense and pinhole-free encapsulation over the components’ surface, down to the smallest nanoscale details. In Picosun’s new large area ALD tools, especially developed for the needs of the printed electronics industries, high quality ALD films can be manufactured cost-efficiently on large plastic sheets and at temperatures low enough for sensitive organic materials.

“We have again put our extensive expertise in ALD system design to work to realize completely novel technology for the vast market of printed electronics. Our new, large area batch ALD systems are developed and optimized in collaboration with these industries. Their disruptive design enables cost-efficient encapsulation of large sheets of organic electronic components, producing sustainable, long-lived end products for consumers as well as industries,” summarizes Mr. Timo Malinen, Chief Operating Officer of Picosun.

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