Wednesday, July 23, 2014

ECS JSS Special issue on Atomic Layer Etch (ALEt) and Atomic Layer Clean (ALC)

As announced by JSS : Atomic Layer Etch (ALEt) and Atomic Layer Clean (ALC) are emerging as enabling technologies for sub 10nm technology nodes. At these scales performance will be extremely sensitive to process variation. Novel technologies will be required to control variation without increasing complexity if successful introduction of ALEt and ALC into manufacturing schemes is to be achieved. At even more aggressive nodes where novel 2D materials are being considered, the need for zero damage and quasi-infinite selectivity to underlying films or substrates becomes increasingly important.
Atomic layer processes are the most promising path to deliver the precision needed at this scale. However, many areas of ALEt and ALC are in need of improved fundamental understanding and process development. This focus issue will cover state-of-the-art efforts that address a variety of approaches to ALE and ALC. Specific topics of interest include but are not limited to:
  • Surface reaction chemistry and its impact on selectivity
  • Plasma ion energy distribution and control methods
  • Novel plasma sources and potential application to ALEt & ALC
  • Innovative approaches to atomic layer material removal
  • Novel device applications of ALEt & ALC
  • Process chamber design considerations
  • Advanced delivery of chemicals to processing chambers
  • Metrology and control of ALEt & ALC
  • Device performance impact
  • Synthesis of new chemistries for ALEt & ALC application
  • Damage free surface defect removal
  • Process and discharge modeling

Submission Deadline: Dec. 17, 2014

Please submit manuscripts at
Please be sure to specify your submission is for the JSS Focus Issue on
Atomic Layer Etching and Cleaning

Guest Editors:
Dennis Hess
Stefan De Gendt
Craig Huffman
Jean-Francois de Marneffe
Makoto Sekine

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