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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Intel is spending $20 billion to build two new chip plants in Arizona

Intel announced on Tuesday that it will spend $20 billion to build two major factories in Arizona. The news comes amid a worldwide chip shortage that is snarling industries from automobiles to electronics and worries the U.S. is falling behind in semiconductor manufacturing. The announcement signals that Intel will continue to focus on manufacturing.

Next chance to get deep insights to Intel quality demands and advanced metrology & analytic for the material supply chain will be at the CMC2021 Conference, broadcasted from San Diego, USA, APril 14-15:

KEYNOTE : Jeanne Yuen-Hum, Vice President of Manufacturing & Operations, and Director of Global Supply-Chain Quality & Reliability, Intel Corporation "The Cost of Quality"

Alex Tregub, PhD Staff Engineer Intel Corporation "From Egyptian Royal Cubit to SEMI Guides for CMP consumables – Industry Standards"

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Get your ALD-VIP Coupon Code for The Critical Materials Conference CMC2021, 14-15 April 2021

Hey ALD Folks The Critical Materials Conference CMC2021, 14-15 April is coming up with some really powerful guest that will give you deep insights beyond the typical ALD conference offering on topics lie the semiconductor and global economics, Logic Foundry High Volume Manufacturing, Cost of Quality, Metrology and Big Data Machine Learning and Data Crunching for Plasma ALD.

ALD-VIP Coupon Code: Connect2Techcet-75

Carefully selected and invited talks for the ALD-community!
  • Keynote: Jeanne Yuen-Hum, Vice President of Manufacturing & Operations, and Director of Global Supply-Chain Quality & Reliability, Intel Corporation on "The Cost of Quality"
  • G. Dan Hutcheson & Risto Puhakka, CEO & President, VLSI Research Post Pandemic – Semiconductor Industry Trends, Chaos or Order?
  • David Thompson, PhD, Managing Director, Chemistry & Device Materials, Applied Materials Maximizing Chemical Utilization & Quality in Precursor Delivery
  • Lian-Chen Chi 紀良臻, PhD, Nano-Materials Center Manager, TSMC Materials Quality vs. Technology Ing. Kutup Kurt, PhD, Head of Data Science, MERCK EMD/Versum Power of Hybrid Approach for Data-driven Process Optimization in Semiconductors Industry
  • Hugh Gotts, PhD, International Fellow, Air Liquide ALD & CVD Precursors Metrology and Analytics Trends- Driving toward PPQ
  • Tsuyoshi Moriya, PhD, MBA, VP Advanced Data Planning, Corporate Innovation Division, TEL The Impact of Machine Learning on Processes & Materials

As a bonus the 1st day we will have a virtual round table discussion on Materials Roadmaping in the industry. All participants are welcome to join.

Conference web for registration and agenda:

Friday, November 6, 2020

Refreshing Material Advances for Logic, Memory, and Packaging5th CMC Conference "After-Hours" Available up to December 11

How to keep semiconductor fabs supplied with critical materials despite a pandemic and trade wars was discussed by >250 industry experts gathered in virtual space October 21-22 during the 5th annual Critical Materials Council (CMC) Conference. CMC Fab Members and Associate Supplier Members were joined by leading industry analysts, educators, and investors in discussing business and technology trends in the value-chain for advanced packaging, logic, and memory. The "after-hours" virtual conversations will continue through December 11th using the conference app and website, and new people can join in through November 16th.

"There were a lot good topics especially on materials challenges for leading edge technology and heterogeneous integration, global issues on material supplies, and emerging materials development," commented Dr. Lihong Cao, Director of Engineering and Technical Marketing at ASE, and Session 4 presenter.

Dr. Lauren Link of Intel discussed the need to find ways to integrate more front-end fabrication materials into packaging. The challenge is doing so in a cost-effective manner, without over-specifying materials and process requirements.


5th Annual CMC Conference "After-hours" Starting Now!

Didn't Catch the Conference "Live"? No Worries! Register Today and Get Access to the recordings, Connect attendees, Engage in Q&A!

Registration Open until November 16

Access Presentations thru December 12

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

5th Annual CMC Conference, October 21-22, 2020


Worldwide Web Event on Critical Materials

5th Annual Event Will Happen in "Virtual Space"



Just announced - The Critical Materials Council (CMC) Conference Committee  is taking the 5th annual CMC Conference into the "WorldWideWeb!"  The 2020 event will be delivered "live" weaving worldwide-web services into a valuable digital experience, uniquely configured to give you the best in web-based networking. The 2-days of conference will include keynotes, presentations, roundtables, and poster sessions, so block your calendars for October 21-22 to attend this live event.  


As an added incentive, attendees that register can choose to access CMC COVID-19 /Advisory Alert Workshops, featuring the most updated news on materials & markets.



This year's conference features powerful sessions focused on  

critical materials used for Semiconductor Device Manufacturing

including a new 4th session on Heterogeneous Integration using Packaging 





"Critical Materials Pushing the Limits for Semiconductor Manufacturing"


This 5th Annual Critical Materials Council (CMC) Conference provides:

More than 25 powerful & actionable presentations, the popular Materials Action (TM) 

roundtable session, a supplier Poster session, and vital networking opportunities. 

and includes

* Updates on market dynamics and regulations,  

* Trends in the profitable control of all fab materials, and 

* Technology forecasts for future critical materials.


Selected Speakers:

Phil Hecker, WPL Supplier Quality Director, Texas Instruments  

Superior Supplier Quality:

Challenges in the Semiconductor Materials Supply-Chain

Yuval Shaharabani, Director, Corporate Procurement, Raw Materials TowerJazz Semiconductors 

Sulfuric Acid Concerns & Strategies

Nedal T. Nassar PhD, Chief, Materials

Flow Analysis, National Minerals Info Center, USGS

Metals/Minerals Resources & Supply-Chain Risk

Subramanian Iyer PhD, CHIPS Consortium Founder & UCLA Professor

The Future of Si as a Packaging Material





Sessions I & II, October 22nd

Session III & IV, October 23rd


The conference follows the CMC Meeting (on October 20-21) and CMC Members only (Associates and Fabs) Joint Session (on October 21, 1-5pm). For more information about these meetings or the Conference, please contact Christine Yates by email here.



Register now at the Early Bird rate!



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