Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Breakthrough in Digital Lithography by Applied Materials and Ushio Boosts AI Computing Power

Ushio, Inc. have announced a significant strategic partnership, marking a new era in digital lithography technology. This collaboration aims to spearhead the transition to heterogeneous chiplet integration on large substrates like glass, a move crucial for advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing capabilities.

This new digital lithography system, pioneered by Applied Materials and Ushio, is tailor-made for patterning advanced substrates vital in the AI era. With the growing demand for AI workloads, there's an increased need for larger, more functional chips. Traditional methods can't keep up with AI's performance requirements, hence the shift to heterogeneous integration (HI) techniques. These involve combining multiple chiplets in an advanced package, offering performance and bandwidth comparable to monolithic chips.

The partnership leverages Applied Materials' expertise in large substrate processing and Ushio's experience in lithography for packaging. Dr. Sundar Ramamurthy from Applied Materials highlights the new Digital Lithography Technology (DLT) as a game-changer for customers' advanced substrate roadmaps. William F. Mackenzie of Ushio emphasizes their long-standing experience in lithography systems and their commitment to this new venture.

The DLT system stands out as the only technology capable of achieving the necessary resolution for advanced substrate applications while maintaining high-volume production throughput. It can pattern line widths less than 2-microns, allowing unprecedented area density for chiplet architectures on various substrates, including glass.

Applied Materials is responsible for R&D and creating a scalable roadmap for the DLT system, aiming to push innovation in advanced packaging to 1-micron line widths and beyond. Ushio will use its established manufacturing and customer infrastructure to facilitate the technology's adoption.

While this announcement is forward-looking and subject to the usual risks and uncertainties of the tech industry, it heralds a new chapter in computing technology, potentially transforming the landscape of high-performance computing in the AI era.

- Applied Materials, Inc. is a leader in materials engineering solutions, essential in producing new chips and advanced displays worldwide.

- Ushio, Inc., established in 1964, specializes in manufacturing and selling various light sources and optical equipment, with a significant presence in industrial processes and visual imaging.

For more information or media inquiries, contact Ricky Gradwohl for Applied Materials and the Corporate Communication Department for Ushio. 

Photos and more details are available on here Breakthrough Digital Lithography Technology From Applied Materials and Ushio to Enable More Powerful Computing Systems for the AI Era | Applied Materials.

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