Monday, October 16, 2023

Kokusai Electric's Successful IPO Raises $724.4 Million, Japan's Largest in 5 Years

Japanese chip equipment manufacturer Kokusai Electric has successfully raised $724.4 million through its initial public offering (IPO) by pricing its shares at the top end of a reduced marketing range. The IPO, Japan's largest in five years, saw Kokusai Electric value its shares at 1,840 yen per share, giving the company an overall valuation of 423.9 billion yen ($2.84 billion). The decision to lower the price range was influenced by the underwhelming performance of chip designer Arm's shares following its recent listing. Kokusai Electric's shares are set to debut on the Tokyo exchange's Prime Market on October 25. The company's major customers include Samsung Electronics, TSMC, and Micron Technology, accounting for over 40% of its revenue.

TSURUGI-C²® is a KOKUSAI ELECTRIC’s new thermal processing platform which is most recently developed for advanced devices especially for the ones with high aspect ratio 3D structures requiring high quality, uniform and conformal film deposition with new innovative reactor design and process techniques.

Kokusai Electric specializes in deposition and treatment process equipment for semiconductor manufacturing. Their deposition equipment is designed for creating nanoscale thin films on semiconductor wafers and supports technologies like LP-CVD, oxidation, annealing (low and high temperature), diffusion, and ALD. Notable products include TSURUGI-C², designed for advanced devices with complex 3D structures, AdvancedAce®-300 for batch thermal processing of 300mm wafers, and VERTRON® Revolution for 200-mm batch thermal processing.

Kokusai Electric's treatment equipment improves film properties through processes like nitridation, oxidation, curing, and annealing. MARORA® is ideal for gate dielectric film formation, utilizing plasma with low electron temperature. TANDUO® offers modular single-wafer treatment for various processes, and AdvancedAce®-300 supports LP-CVD, oxidation, annealing, and diffusion.

These equipment offerings are essential for semiconductor manufacturing, enabling the production of high-quality, high-performance components used in diverse electronic devices.


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