Monday, May 18, 2020

Pro­fessor Mikko Ritala, in­ventor of ex­traordin­ary coat­ings, awar­ded a prize

The Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation’s Award in Chemistry in 2020 has been granted to Professor Mikko Ritala, who heads the atomic layer deposition research group at the University of Helsinki.

Mikko Ritala belongs to the most elite level in chemistry in Finland, ranking among the most cited chemists in the country, states the Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation, an organisation that promotes scientific research in mathematical fields, in its award justification. In recent years, Professor Ritala has been particularly active in developing novel nanostructured materials by employing the method of atomic layer deposition (ALD). The award, worth €20,000, was granted on 29 April 2020, but the ceremony organised by the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters will be postponed to the autumn.

Another award was bestowed earlier in the year, as Mikko Ritala was granted the ALD 2020 Innovator Award “For Original Work and Leadership in ALD”, a distinguished recognition awarded by the international ALD researcher community.

Ritala, who has been serving as professor of inorganic materials chemistry at the University of Helsinki from 2003, was born in Nokia and currently lives in Espoo. Most of the time he commutes to Kumpula Campus by bicycle. Ritala has played basketball on all league levels, currently representing the team Leppävaaran Pyrintö Faijat in the fourth division. The season interrupted by the corona virus was already 43rd in a row.

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Prof. Mikko Ritala

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