Wednesday, January 23, 2019

ASM International enhances ALD productivity with new 300 mm XP8 Quad Chamber Module

ASM International enhances ALD productivity with new very competetive 300 mm XP8 Quad Chamber Module providing:
  • High productivity platform for PEALD and PECVD Processing of up to 16 wafers at a time.
  • Integrated processing using both the "old" Double (DCM) and new Quad Chamber Modules (QCM) for flexibility and productivity optimization.
  • Earlier in 2018 ASM relaunched the two industry ALD workhorse chambers, Pulsar Thermal ALD and Emerald PEALD used for e.g. HKMG,  as Double module on XP8 - this now means that all ASM ALD and PEALD chambers can be used on the high productivity platfrom XP8 eilter sa DCM or QCM or both.
[ASM News, LINK] ASM International N.V. (Euronext Amsterdam: ASM) today introduced its XP8 QCM tool for high-productivity 300mm single-wafer plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (PEALD) and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) applications. The QCM, or Quad Chamber Module, is a process module with four tightly integrated process reactors. Up to four QCM modules can be configured to each XP8 platform, enabling processing of up to 16 wafers at a time. 
Quad chamber modules (QCMs) 30, 32, 34, and 36 are connected to four side surfaces of the vacuum chamber 22. Each QCM is a module having four reactor chambers (RC1 to RC4). Processing such as plasma film forming processing is performed on a substrate in each reactor chamber. (ASM Patent application US20170278074A1)
"Across the board, customers are requiring increased throughput" said Tominori Yoshida, ASM's General Manager and Senior Vice President, Plasma Products Business Unit. "The XP8 QCM addresses advanced PEALD and PECVD films including silicon oxide for multiple patterning and silicon nitride for other applications, and relatively thick films where the tool's architecture enables higher throughput compared to other single-wafer configurations."

The new reactor architecture is well-suited for high-volume advanced-node memory and logic applications, which require the precise film control provided by the QCM's innovative reaction chamber. The QCM chambers use the same advanced reactor technology as ASM's original PEALD and PECVD XP8 Dual Chamber Modules (DCMs). Hundreds of these DCMs have been running for years in high-volume production globally at key logic, foundry and memory customers. This allows customers to easily transfer existing processes to the new QCM chamber. As a result, the XP8 QCM tool is already in high-volume manufacturing at multiple customers worldwide.

Furthermore, the XP8 architecture enables integrated processing using both DCMs and QCMs for flexibility and productivity optimization.


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