Saturday, August 18, 2018

NCD to supply a repeat order of Lucida GS Series for Hyundai Heavy Industry Green Energy in Korea

Korean ALD equipment manufacturer NCD reports repeat order for Al2O3 ALD passivation from Hyundai Heavy Industry Green Energy.

"NCD has recently contracted with HHIGE to supply solar cell manufacture equipment which is Lucida GS Series ALD with automation for high efficiency crystalline solar cell using Al2O3-ALD passivation and is upgrade version improving the throughput and wafer handling speed from previous supplied equipment. Lucida GS Series is batch type ALD deposition equipment that forms backside passivation of Al2O3 on multiple wafers and can process more than 4.500 wafers (@ 4nm thickness) of 156mm x 156mm size per an hour.

This repeat order shows that the customer has had confidence in the technology of NCD and the excellence of the equipment."
The Lucida GS Series with Automation is a high throughput atomic layer deposition system for surface passivation of c-Si solar cells (

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