Tuesday, May 29, 2018

PERC+ How to Improve High EfficiencyCrystalline Solar Cells

PERC technology developed by TU Eindhoven and others has become the new standard for mono crystalline solar cells. One of the key process modules is the back side passivation with Al2O3, which is either deposited by PECVD or ALD followed by a SiN capping. According to a recent report by TaiyangNews PECVD still have the largest market share but ALD equipment manufactures are in the market and their technology and equipment are evolving and taking market share as well. In this report both bach ALD and Spatial ALD and the following companies are covered:

  • Leadmicro (China)
  • NCD (Korea)
  • Ideal Energy
  • Solaytech (NL/US as part of AMTECH Group)
  • Levitech (NL)

"While cell manufacturers continue to expand into standard PERC, several stakeholders involved in solar cell production are offering and working on processes and materials to bring PERC to the next level. That’s why our PERC 2018 report is looking at PERC+, that’s for us everything supporting basic PERC to improve efficiency and yield – from selective emitters to bifacial technology." You can download the TaiyangNews PERC Report 2018 for free here.

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