Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Levitech 5 Year Anniversary - ALD4INDUSTRY Workshop

Levitech will celebrate its 5th Anniversary on Thursday October  30th, 2014 with a Workshop Program and an Anniversary Program  at Levitech in Almere. "For this day Levitech invited several national and international  speakers from the field of Atomic Layer Deposition. The topics of  these workshops are ‘ALD4IC’, ‘ALD4PV’ and ‘Innovation4PV’.  During the lunch buffet and dinner you have the opportunity to  network. Please join us on this day."

Thursday October 30, 2014 Levitech BV, Almere, The Netherlands

09.30 Welcome Workshop Program
09.55 Opening by Jaap Beijersbergen

Presentations ALD4IC

10.00 Suvi Haukka (ASM)
10.45 Sven van Elshocht (IMEC)

Presentation Innovation4Industry

11.15 Markus Fischer (Hanwha Q-Cells)
12.15 Lunch buffet

Presentations ALD4PV

13.15 Erwin Kessels (TUE)
14.00 Ilkay Cesar (ECN)
14.30 Willem Jan Huisman (ASM)
15.00 Ernst Granneman (Levitech)

15.30 Welcome Anniversary Program


16.00 Wim Sinke (ECN)
16.45 Jan Nico Appelman (Flevoland)
17.00 Levitech 5 Years Anniversary
17.30 Dinner


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