Friday, January 4, 2019

Nanexa order a third Picosun ALD System to meet production demand for PharmaShell®

[Picosun, LINK] ESPOO, Finland, 4th January 2019 – Picosun Group, a leading, global supplier of ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) thin film coating technology, and Nanexa AB, a nanotechnology company focused on nano-enabled drug delivery solutions, solidify their collaboration in pharmaceutical ALD.

Picosun is now delivering their third ALD system to Nanexa’s facilities in Sweden, where it will be utilized in production expansion of nano-functionalized pharmaceuticals for drug delivery. Stock-listed Nanexa AB has two patents pending for their technology platform PharmaShell®. With this technology, ALD-functionalized pharmaceuticals can stay effective in the body for long periods of time and have a tailored release profile that minimizes side effects and eliminates the need for constant re-dosing. Picosun has been aiding Nanexa in their undertaking to develop their technology to an industrially mature state by supplying ALD tool solutions and consultancy.

Picosun provides various ALD solutions specially optimized to meet the needs of the medical industries where quality, reliability, efficiency, patient safety and minimized side effects are of utmost importance.

“We are very pleased to order our third PICOSUN™ ALD system. We have reached a point where the demand from our commercial partner to invest in our technology platform PharmaShell® is rapidly increasing. To be able to meet this demand we are now procuring a new ALD tool to extend our production capacity for efficient delivery of materials to our customers,” says David Westberg, CEO of Nanexa.

“We are happy to provide yet more PICOSUN™ ALD equipment to our long-time partner Nanexa, where our technology is used in manufacturing state-of-the-art medicines to combat some of the most difficult diseases. Our aim is to utilize ALD to enable solutions that benefit the whole humanity, which is why we are especially glad that healthcare industries are now seizing the potential of ALD on so many fronts,” continues Dr. Jani Kivioja, CTO of Picosun.

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