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Monday, June 10, 2024

Air Liquide signed major contract to support the semiconductor industry in the U.S. with an investment of more than 250 million dollars

Air Liquide has announced a significant investment exceeding $250 million to construct a new industrial gas production facility in Idaho, USA. This plant will supply ultra-pure nitrogen and other essential gases to Micron Technology, Inc., a leading semiconductor manufacturer, as well as other local customers. The facility, part of a long-term contract, will play a crucial role in the production of memory chips and is expected to be operational by the end of 2025. This project will generate hundreds of jobs during both the construction and operational phases and is designed to be highly efficient, incorporating digital technologies and modularization to ensure reliability and quick delivery.

Matthieu Giard, Chief Executive Officer of Americas for the Air Liquide Group, said

We are pleased to further strengthen our 30 year-long partnership with Micron Technology. Our partner’s trust in Air Liquide reinforces our position in the Electronics industry as a technology leader with strong innovation capabilities. This investment will support the production of leading-edge memory chips, notably to meet the growing demand for computing capacities required by Artificial Intelligence. This contract illustrates our strategy to further accompany our customers in their development, including in the U.S. The Electronics activity is a strong driver of our 2025 strategic plan ADVANCE, which closely links financial and extra-financial performances.

This initiative exemplifies Air Liquide's commitment to technological advancement and environmental sustainability in the semiconductor sector. The new production unit will be 5% more power-efficient than previous generations and aims to use 100% renewable energy within five years. Matthieu Giard, CEO of Americas for Air Liquide, highlighted the long-standing partnership with Micron Technology and the strategic importance of this investment in supporting the demand for advanced memory chips, driven by the rise of artificial intelligence. Scott Gatzemeier of Micron Technology emphasized the project’s role in enhancing the U.S. semiconductor supply chain, driving significant growth in domestic material sourcing, and bolstering the semiconductor ecosystem across the country.

Source: Air Liquide signed major contract to support the semiconductor industry in the U.S. with an investment of more than 250 million dollars | Air Liquide

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Hanwha to supply ALD Equipment for Molybdenum Deposition for Memory Applications

According to Korean media, Hanwha Precision Machinery is developing a new type of thermal atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment for depositing molybdenum, which is emerging as a superior material for metal gates in next-generation semiconductors due to its lower resistivity and lack of fluoride residue. The new technology, still in the prototype stage and expected to take three years to commercialize, uses molybdenum dichloride dioxide (MoO2Cl2) as a precursor. This initiative marks Hanwha's expansion into the semiconductor fabrication equipment market, collaborating with industry giants like SK Hynix on future projects, including the development of hybrid bonding equipment for high bandwidth memory production.

At two recent conferences, EFDS ALD For Industry and CMC 2024 this week in Phoenix, Air Liquide presented HVM ready solution for MoO2Cl2 sub fab delivery. They also confirmed that it is already in HVM. Other sources claim that Mo is also in HVM for DRAM. However, no reverse engineering is publicly available as of to day.

Air Liquide presenting HVM ready sub fab solution for MoO2Cl2 precursor delivery at EFDS ALD for Industry in Dresden, Germany.

Hanwha developing thermal ALD equipment for deposition of molybdenum - THE ELEC, Korea Electronics Industry Media (