Sunday, April 14, 2024

Kokusai Electric Showcased Batch ALD Technology for 40-28nm Nodes at SEMICON China 2024

At SEMICON China 2024, Kokusai Electric Corporation emphasized its strengths in atomic layer deposition (ALD) technology. The company showcased its batch-type ALD systems, which are particularly adept at achieving high-quality, uniform film deposition on multiple wafers simultaneously. This technology ensures excellent film thickness control and good step coverage, crucial for advanced semiconductor manufacturing. As the Chinese market increasingly transitions from chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to ALD due to its precision, Kokusai is poised to meet this rising demand, especially in fields like 3D stacking and miniaturization.

Kokusai highlighted its ALD technology specifically for mature semiconductor technology nodes in the 40 to 28nm range at SEMICON China 2024. This focus addresses the growing demand for precise film quality in these specific nodes within the Chinese market.

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