Sunday, April 14, 2024

Rémi Maillat's Watch Brand Launches €145,500 Titanium Timepiece with Nature-Inspired, ALD-Coated Green Dial

The watchmaker founded by Rémi Maillat in 2017 reveals its deep connection with nature with a bold monochromatic titanium timepiece. The spiral dial motif is covered in a shade of green, inspired by both the glowing aurora borealis and the green meadows of spring. The striking colour was achieved using the ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) coating method, in which the craftsmen deposited extremely thin layers of copper oxide, which interacted with light to create this distinctive hue. Priced at €145,500, it is a testament to craftsmanship and innovation in the world of horology.


A new colour, Green. Like the reflection with our intimate relationship with nature. A Limited Edition of only 25

Lovers of green rejoice. It's a green that evokes the powerful phenomena of nature. The skies that become fluorescent with the hypnotic northern lights. But also, the first days of spring with the rebirth of fertile soil. It can also be the green that evokes fresh grass after rain, lush meadows, forests, valleys, and that need for wide-open spaces that inspires us to embark on adventure. It’s a colour that heralds a feeling of renewal, of optimism and a new, organic energy directly linked with our natural universe – surprising yet self-evident, as if it had always been part of Krayon’s spirit since its foundation only six years ago.

The brand founded by Rémi Maillat in 2017 has a profound connection to nature. This connection is manifest in its hallmark complication: a personal and intimate ephemeris. Until now, this theme has consistently been presented in various shades of blue, often drawing inspiration from reflections on water surfaces. Today, for the first time, KRAYON boldly explores a new palette and combines it with a new, lighter, more modern metal: Grade 5 titanium.

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