Thursday, September 29, 2022

The Semiconductor Climate Consortium founded by SEMI and memebers

The Semiconductor Climate Consortium publicly recognizes the challenge of climate change and works to speed industry efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in individual company operations, across the value chain, and in other sectors of our value-chain, including the industries our products enable.

We believe that member companies, with our accumulated knowledge and innovative technology, working collaboratively will accelerate solutions for environmental challenges. Working together, we will address and solve issues no one company can do alone.

The Semiconductor Climate Consortium drives progressive climate action through collaboration and alignment, measuring and reporting, and setting ambitious target for Net Zero to keep global climate change within 1.5°C.

More information on the consortium and on how to join you may find here: Semiconductor Climate Consortium | SEMI

There is also a 2-year effort for Start-Ups that started already a year ago, where AlixLabs and NSS Water from Sweden participated with groundbreaking technology and reached the Pitch Semifinals with 18 other contenders. The 9 winners are announced here (and below): Startups for Semiconductor Sustainability Finalists Announced in Next Step to Greener Chip Industry | SEMI

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