Sunday, November 17, 2019

AlixLabs receives Vinnova grant for "Innovative startups"

93 Swedish startup companies with innovative business ideas share 28 million SEK from Vinnova. The companies receive funding to develop new solutions that can contribute to sustainable development and increased competitiveness.

The companies receive a grant of up to SEK 300,000 for developing prototypes or developing their business model. "The support enables young companies with risky projects to try their ideas and get some way to find an investor, customer or partner," says Emelie Falk, responsible for the announcement at Vinnova. Some of the startup companies that receive funding:

Some of the startup companies that receive funding:

Aquammodate AB, A new filter technique for purifying drinking water, based on natural materials with high purity and low energy consumption. 
HIPOR Materials AB, Reflective ceramics for space applications, which combines high insulation with high solar reflectance.

Alixlabs AB, Atomic Layer Etching for sub 10 nm semiconductor manufacturing - Proof of Concept


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Fundamental to the entire IT explosion is the miniaturization that enabled an explosive increase in functionality with a reduced cost and power consumption. Moore's law describes the speed of this miniaturization in a way that has been valid since the mid sixties. However, we are now approaching a limit for the development with resolutions on individual atoms, where 10 nm corresponds to about 20 atoms.

AlixLabs has found and patented a phenomenon that makes it possible in a much simpler and cheaper way to manufacture semiconductors sub 10 nm. Our method can be said to use similar physical problems that other methods try to circumvent.

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