Thursday, January 29, 2015

Levitech BV sells two Levitrack ALD systems to Japanese high-performance solar cell manufacturer

As reported by Levitech BV, a leading supplier of advanced process equipment for the manufacturing of solar cells, announced today that it has sold two Levitrack Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) systems to Japan, the first multiple system order for ALD equipment in the world. A major multinational, which includes solar cell manufacturing among its many concerns, will use the Levitracks for high-volume production and the development of next-generation, high-efficiency crystalline solar cells.

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“The further success of the Levitrack, with two being sold to a prestigious client, is confirmation that our mass production solutions for fast ALD deposition deliver the right product to meet the needs of mass-production manufacturers”, stated Jaap Beijersbergen, CEO of Levitech. “The system will be used for PERC cells - with efficiencies exceeding 20 per cent - as well as multi-crystalline and n-type products.”

Since its introduction in 2010, the Levitrack has consistently demonstrated its advanced passivation capabilities at world-leading manufacturers and institutes in both Europe and Asia.
“We know that aluminum oxide film provides excellent cell passivation and increased cell efficiencies, especially when deposited in uniform and dense layers, a particular feature of the ALD technique. In the Levitrack these qualities are combined with an efficient and effective platform for delivery,” said Beijersbergen.

“This customer chose the Levitrack system based on its significant productivity, cost-of- ownership and process advantages over competitive PECVD and other ALD systems for aluminum oxide (Al2O3) applications.”

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