Friday, February 21, 2014

The Virtual Project on the History of ALD (VPHA) are looking for more contributors

"In the Virtual Project on the History of ALD (VPHA), we are still looking for more contributors (now we are with 35). Expertise of ALD on carbon or on porous materials would be especially useful. Also people are needed who know Russian language, and also some German speakers. Despite these "special requests", everyone, who knows a bit about ALD and speaks "only" English can contribute meaningfully. In return for volunteering, a position is offered as an author of the ALD history presentations to come, at Baltic ALD in May in Helsinki and at the AVS-ALD meeting in June in Kyoto."
Riikka Puurunen (Dr.), Senior Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Jonas Sundqvist (Dr.), Group Leader High-k Devices, Fraunhofer IPMS-CNT, Germany
Annina Titoff, editor-in-chief,
BALD 2014, Helsinki :
AVS-ALD 2014, Kyoto :             

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