Monday, February 24, 2014

Worldwide Smart Coatings Markets forecast 2013-2020

A new report on how "Smart Coatings" will evolve the years to come. No mentioning of ALD in the Index, but it must be in there and rest assured that ALD will expand in many of these Smart Coating technologie. Many times not as stand alone but in a combo with CVD and PVD. I think that the recent years strong focus on especially PEALD and Spatial ALD Technologies paves the way. Thanks Wendy at Colnatec for sharing this one!
Summary of the report:       
Smart coatings change in response to external stimuli and are finding a fast growing number of applications in several industries including construction, automotive, medical, consumer electronic goods and the military.  NanoMarkets believes that these materials present a strong business case because of their unique functionality and their ability to be highly customized.  We think smart coatings will do especially well in medical, military and other applications, where quality and performance, rather than price, shape purchasing decisions.  Consumer markets where the customer is willing to pay a premium for functionality such as scratch resistance or enhanced energy efficiency will also be important.
NanoMarkets commenced coverage of smart coatings in 2011.  As such it has a solid understanding of the dynamics of the smart coatings business and it brings this experience to this report.  The report covers all the major markets for smart coatings including energy, automotive, medical, electronics, textiles and military.   And it includes an assessment of the product/marketing strategies of key firms supplying smart coatings, as well as eight-year forecasts by applications sector and by type of coating.  These forecasts are both in volume and in value terms.
This report also assesses the latest technical developments in the smart coatings space; smart coatings are becoming smarter and more biological, for example Based on the latest R&D and university research, we also examines future directions for smart coatings including important developments in manufacturing.  We believe that this report will provide guidance to coatings and other specialty chemical firms, as well as firms making production equipment, and others planning to make investments of all kinds in smart materials.


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