Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Swedish Nanexa’s PharmaShell® patent approved in Japan

[Nanexa AB, LINK] The Japanese Patent Office has approved Nanexa’s patent application for the drug delivery platform PharmaShell®.

Nanexa’s drug delivery system PharmaShell® is suitable for parenteral drug administration. The drug delivery system enables drug release in a well-controlled manner from a couple of weeks to really long depots of up to one year. By adjustments in the manufacturing process of PharmaShell®, the depot time can be controlled to the desired length.

The properties of PharmaShell®, with extremely high so-called drug load and the ability to control the initial release, make it unique in the market. The system enables depot preparations from simple small molecule drugs to proteins. The mentioned properties are in demand by the pharmaceutical industry to create new and more effective drugs with the possibility of limiting the side effects of the drug.

The Japanese Patent Office has approved Nanexa’s patent application on May 30, 2019. The now approved patent covers the product PharmaShell® itself and the method of its manufacture and formulation of PharmaShell® coated drugs. The approved patent has patent number JP6516729.

CEO David Westberg comments:

In January, we got the PharmaShell® patent approved in the US and I can now conclude that it has also been approved in Japan. The Japanese market is large and important for Nanexa and with an approved patent our commercial opportunities in the future will increase.

Our continuous work on patent applications begins to yield results and together with our more recently filed patent applications, I assess that we have a strong patent portfolio.

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