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Call for Papers on ALD & ALE Applications, at ECS Fall Meeting / Gothenburg Oct. 2023 ►►DEADLINE EXPIRES APRIL 21◄◄

Call for Papers on ALD & ALE Applications, at ECS Fall Meeting / Gothenburg Oct. 2023 ►►DEADLINE EXPIRES APRIL 21◄◄

The Electrochemical Society (ECS) conference is an international event running every spring and fall, and gathering 2000-4000 participants and 30-40 exhibitors both from academia and industry.

The conference has a strong focus on emerging technology and applications in both electrochemistry and solid-state science & technology.

This fall the event will be held as 244th ECS Meeting on Oct. 8-12, 2023 in Gothenburg (Sweden).

The full program as well as information on travel assistance for students can be found on


The organizers of symposium G01 on “Atomic Layer Deposition & Etching Applications, 19” encourage you to submit your abstracts on the following (and closely related) topics:


1.   Semiconductor CMOS applications: development and integration of ALD high-k oxides and metal electrodes with conventional and high-mobility channel materials;

2.   Volatile and non-volatile memory applications: extendibility, Flash, MIM, MIS, RF capacitors, etc.;

3.   Interconnects and contacts: integration of ALD films with Cu and low-k materials;

4.   Fundamentals of ALD processing: reaction mechanisms, in-situ measurement, modeling, theory;

5.   New precursors and delivery systems;

6.   Optical and photonic applications;

7.   Coating of nanoporous materials by ALD;

8.   MLD and hybrid ALD/MLD;

9.   ALD for energy conversion applications such as fuel cells, photovoltaics, etc.;

10. ALD for energy storage applications;

11. Productivity enhancement, scale-up and commercialization of ALD equipment and processes for rigid and flexible substrates, including roll-to-roll deposition;

12. Area-selective ALD;

13. Atomic Layer Etching (‘reverse ALD’) and related topics aiming at self-limited etching, such as atomic layer cleaning, etc.


Abstract submission

Meeting abstracts should be submitted not later than the deadline of April 21, 2023 via the ECS website: Abstract submission instruction


List of invited speakers

·   Johan Swerts, (Imec, Belgium) KEYNOTEALD challenges and opportunities in the light of future trends in electronics

·   Stephan Wege (Plasway Technology, Germany), Reactor design for combined ALD & ALE

·   Masanobu Honda (TEL, Japan), Novel surface reactions in low-temperature plasma etching

·   Barbara Hughes, (Forge Nano, USA), Dual Coatings, Triple the Benefit; Atomic Armor for Better Battery Performance

·   Juhani Taskinen, (Applied Materials-Picosun, Finland), ALD for biomedicine

·   Alex Kozen (Univ. of Maryland, USA), ALD for improved Lithium Ion Batteries

·   Malachi Noked (Bar-Ilan Univ., Israel), ALD/MLD for batteries

·   Yong Qin (Chinese Academy of Sciences), ALD for catalysis

·   Jan Macák, (Univ. of Pardubice, Czechia), ALD on nanotubular materials and applications

·   Bora Karasulu, Univ. of Warwick, UK), Atomistic Insights into Continuous and Area-Selective ALD Processes: First-principles Simulations of the Underpinning Surface Chemistry

·   Ageeth Bol (Univ. Michigan, USA), ALD on 2D materials

·   Pieter-Jan Wyndaele (KU Leuven-imec, Belgium), Enabling high-quality dielectric passivation on Monolayer WS2 using a sacrificial Graphene Oxide template

·   Elton Graugnard (Boise State Univ., USA), Atomic Layer Processing of MoS2

·   Han-Bo-Ram Lee (Incheon National Univ., Korea), Area-Selective Deposition using Homometallic Precursor Inhibitors

·   Ralf Tonner (Univ. Leipzig, Germany), Ab initio approaches to area-selective deposition

·   Nick Chittock (TU Eindhoven, Netherlands), Utilizing plasmas for isotropic Atomic Layer Etching

·   Heeyeop Chae (Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea), Plasma-enhanced Atomic Layer Etching for Metals and Dielectric Materials

·   Charles Winter (Wayne State Univ., USA), New Precursors and Processes for the Thermal ALD of Metal Thin Films

·   Anjana Devi, Ruhr Univ. Bochum, Germany), Novel precursors dedicated for Atomic Layer Processing


Visa and travel

For more information, see:

In addition, Mrs. Francesca Spagnuolo at the ECS ( can provide you with an official participation letter from the site of the Electrochemical Society.


We are looking forward to meeting you in Gothenburg !

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