Saturday, February 18, 2023

ALD Stories Ep.20 - The story behind AlixLabs and ALE Pitch Splitting

Jonas Sundqvist joined the ALD Stories podcast again to talk about his company, AlixLabs! Check out their Atomic Layer Etch Pitch Splitting tech and how it challenges traditional patterning techniques.

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  2. ALD Stories Ep.20 - The story behind AlixLabs and ALE Pitch Splitting is an insightful episode that sheds light on the journey of entrepreneurs in the tech industry. The episode covers the founding of AlixLabs and the development of the ALE Pitch Splitting tool. If you're interested in monthly graphic design services or any other web-related project, this episode might motivate you to pursue your goals with dedication and perseverance.

  3. In episode 20 of ALD Stories, the founders of AlixLabs and ALE Pitch Splitting share the story of how they developed their innovative sales commission software. As someone who is interested in sales commission software, I found the episode to be informative and inspiring. It was fascinating to hear about their journey and how they overcame challenges to create a product that has helped many businesses optimize their sales commission structure.

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