Friday, February 10, 2023

Picosun contributes funds to Aalto University to strengthen semiconductor know-how

The growth of the semiconductor sector and its investments in Finland are also increasing the need for skilled personnel. Picosun is one of four semiconductor companies contributing funds to Aalto University to hire twelve summer interns to work in six different research groups for the summer. The Semi Summer 2023 program jobs are intended for the School of Electrical Engineering and the School of Chemical Engineering students.

The other three companies contributing are Okmetic, Murata and KYOCERA Tikitin.

“We are grateful for this support to strengthen semiconductor education in Aalto. We have excellent facilities in Micronova Nanofabrication Centre. Teaching in semiconductor technology is exceptionally expensive due to cleanliness and safety requirements, and the donation will enhance our capabilities significantly”, explained Professor Sami Franssila.

“Understanding semiconductor properties and their modification techniques are key drivers in developing smaller, faster, and cheaper devices. Semiconductors are used everywhere, in electronics, energy technology, medicine, telecom, and the field is in rapid growth both in Finland and globally, with increasing demand for specialists”, adds Professor Markku Sopanen.

Read the News at Aalto University’s site.

Jussi Rautee signing the Deed of Donation

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