Saturday, December 17, 2022

ALD Stories Podcasts by Tyler Myers

Message from Tyler Myers to the ALD-Community - The community with a forecasted 5-Year CAGR 20.5% (2022-2026) - Please consider following the ALD Stories podcast! Each month, you'll find insightful interviews about the lives and research of the best folks in ALD. We already have a couple episodes ready to go for 2023!

Here is how I listen to the ALD Stories using my new Sony Head set with 2 processors and 8 microphones for unprecedented noise cancellation and exceptional call and sound quality. Besides that my phone has so many ALD-chips I sort of bet that each chip in the headphones has ALD in them so what better way to deploy ALD technology than to run and listen to ALD Stories using 8 microphones and the advanced speakers to filter out the wind, ugly birds song and traffic and still be able to answer and participate in web meetings?

2023 I will experiment with adding video feed capability.

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