Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Vaccines perfected from the atoms up - Forge Nano technology enables next-gen vaccine formulation platform using ALD

Vaccines perfected from the atoms up - Forge Nano technology enables next-gen vaccine formulation platform using Atomic Layer Deposition.

The vaccine of the future is here. Designed from the atoms up, this disruptive technology platform enables; thermally stable, combined-dose, time released, single injection vaccines!

Forge Nano platform technology is being used to develop innovative vaccines that can withstand higher temperatures, combine multiple doses, and release over time, all in one injection. Using Atomic Layer Deposition, these vaccine formulations can be controlled at the atomic level.

VitriVax, Inc. a Colorado based formulation technology company, utilizes Forge Nano’s Atomic Layer Deposition platform technology to engineer thermostable, single-shot vaccines across a broad range of indications. Using the cGMP certified PANDORA ALD tool, developed and manufactured by Forge Nano, VitriVax uses its proprietary Atomic Layering Thermostable Antigen and Adjuvant (ALTA™) technology platform to enable thermostable, single-shot vaccines, that can be applied to a wide variety of antigens and adjuvants to project against thermal and chemical degradation, and enable controlled release, incorporating prime doses + additional booster doses in a single-shot administration.

VitriVax’s vaccine formulation platform addresses both of these challenges by enabling vaccines to be made thermostable up to 70°C (158°F), and the combination of prime and boost doses into a single injection with timed release, eliminating the need for a follow up injection. The platform uses a technology called atomic layer deposition (ALD) to coat the active ingredient in the vaccine with a protective layer of adjuvant (commonly used in vaccines to stimulate immune response). That coating then slowly dissolves to release the dose inside. The current generation of ALD system in use by VitriVax operates at the scale of around 1000 doses per run. (LINK)

“In light of the current global pandemic, vaccine storage, distribution, and efficacy has never been more important. We are proud to see our platform being used to make vaccines that can be more easily transported, with more efficient and precisely controlled doses. Future technologies are being enabled by controlling things at the atomic level. Our platform is being used every day to enable precision and control at the atomic scale.” Dr. Paul Lichty- CEO Forge Nano.

Forge Nano specializes in optimizing the way surfaces interact at the atomic level. Using proprietary technology, Forge Nano can apply nano coatings onto the surface of virtually anything. Forge Nano’s platform technology unlocks a level of precision and control that is unrivaled by other surface engineering technologies.

About VitriVax, Inc:

Based in Boulder, CO, VitriVax’s mission is to eliminate barriers to global vaccination. Through its ALTA formulation platform, and driven by a world-class team of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs with expertise in vaccine development, virology and chemical engineering, VitriVax is dedicated to significantly increasing the availability of human and animal vaccines around the world.


  1. Nanexa are the owner of the patent. Can we soon see a deal for Vitrivax for using it?

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