Friday, July 17, 2020

Atomic Layer Etch Expands To New Markets - AVS ALE2020 report

Mark Lapedus reports in SemiEngineering that is expanding to new markets as presented at the recent AVS ALE2020 Virtual conference.

At the conference companies, R&D organizations and universities presented papers on what’s next in ALE. They include:
  • Plasma ALE, which performs directional etches (anisotropic), is in production and expanding into applications beyond traditional silicon, such as gallium-nitride (GaN) and refractory metals.
  • Thermal ALE, which performs unidirectional etches (isotropic), is still in its infancy. Some are targeting thermal ALE for next-generation transistors.
  • The University of Colorado presented work on thermal ALE for metal gates, dielectrics, among others.
  • The University of Delaware presented some work on thermal ALE for metals and alloys. Others are also developing the technology.

According to Risto Puhakka, President at VLSI Research, within the overall etch market, ALE is still small, representing a “few hundred million dollar” business, according to VLSI Research. Applied, Lam and TEL are the major ALE players. Hitachi, Oxford and others compete here.

Judging by other informations known to BALD Engineering also PlasmaTherm is in the ALE market and ASM International has active R&D in ALE (Patent: Additional OEMs can be found by understanding the active IP filing in ALE.

The top IP filing OEMs include:

LAM Research Corp.
Tokyo Electron Ltd.
ASM IP Holding BV
Applied Materials Inc.
Beijing Naura Microelectronics Equipment Co. Ltd.
Multibeam Corp.
Oxford Instruments Nanotechnology Tools Ltd.
Picosun OY

The top filing IDMs/Foundries include:

Taiwan Semiconductor MFG Co. Ltd.
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
Intel Corp.
Globalfoundries Inc.
Micron Technology Inc.
Sandisk Technologies LLC

Atomic Layer Etch Expands To New Markets LINK

The Patbase ALE clustered IP family tree allows you to click and zoom in on a cluster and zoom in further to nodes (sub-clusters). 172 documents (families) have been selected (contain appropriate data), and are contain in these clusters. As can be see the ALE families overlap a lot with Atomic Layer Deposition Keyword clusters (Provided by TECHCET).

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