Monday, December 17, 2018

High Speed Batch Atomic Layer Deposition using Vortex ALD by Lotus Applied Technology

Here is a cool animation on the Lotus High Speed Batch Atomic Layer Deposition using Vortex ALD.
Founded in 2007, Lotus Applied Technology was formed through a spinoff of the thin film process group within Planar Systems, Inc., a pioneer in Atomic Layer Deposition technology and manufacturing. Housed in a fully dedicated 20,000 square foot thin film processing and R&D facility in Hillsboro, Oregon, the team of technologists has been working together for over 20 years, developing innovative solutions to thin film processing challenges. Their equipment set includes a wide array of thin film deposition, lithography, and patterning equipment, including a versatile set of ALD equipment:
  • Six P400 Conventional Pulse-Based Batch ALD reactors
  • Roll to Roll ALD Research Scale Reactor
  • TransFlex Roll to Roll ALD Pilot Scale Reactor
  • Vortex Rotary Batch Reactor

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