Saturday, October 20, 2018

HERALD 3rd ECI workshop: Science communication and mapping a future road for ECIs

[HERALD LINK] Specialized training in science communication and networking for the ECI members and guests, by Dr. Simon Elliott and Dr Fergus McAuliffe(open session)

  • What makes a good networker memorable?
  • How do they seem so carefree and engaging?
  • How do they keep the conversation going in those awkward moments of silence?
This hands-on interactive workshop focusses on our ability to communicate your research and work interests clearly and effectively across many audience types. We delve into body language and active listening to engage different audiences, in either group or networking situations. We share coping mechanisms to survive awkward or challenging interactions. Using theatre games and role-playing exercises, this workshop helps you distill your message, craft a short sharp pitch about what you do and provide you with the tools to keep conversation going.

- Group training session in RoadMapping the future of ALD research in Europe, working with the output of HERALD summit 2018 to find future roads for the ECI community
- Open ECI session, with focus on peer to peer interaction

Dates: 8 Nov 2018 to 9 Nov 2018
Address: Institute of Electrical Engineering SAS Bratislava Slovakia

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