Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Review form IEDM2018 - The World After Copper

Here is a very good review form IEDM2018 - The World After Copper by Paul McLellan

Thank you for sharing this one Henrik Pedersen! Indeed, Ru is coming!

IEDM: The World After Copper

I remember Gary Patton, the CTO of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, telling me once that research seemed to have flipped, and whereas he used to have most people working on transistors and interconnect was an afterthought, now it was the other way around. Just scaling the existing copper interconnect to get to the next generation was no longer enough.

At IEDM in December, there was a special session called Interconnects to Enable Continued Scaling. There were invited presentations by:
  • Arm and Georgia Tech
  • IBM
  • imec
  • Stanford
  • Applied Materials
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