Thursday, February 19, 2015

Beneq WCS 600 Web Coating System for Roll-to-Roll ALD

Beneq has introduced WCS 600, a new coating system based on the roll-to-roll atomic layer deposition (ALD) technique. Designed to suit the different needs of customers, this system has a coating capacity of 400,000m2/yr. It is capable of processing different types of substrate materials of varying thicknesses.

Beneq WCS 600 Web Coating System for Roll-to-Roll ALD
The WCS 600 features a vacuum chamber with ALD coating head, processing drum and web reels. The device is operated at temperatures up to 150°C.

The WCS 600 can be easily scaled up from R&D to pilot production for different industrial applications, including buffer layers for CIGS solar cells and moisture barriers for flexible organic electronics.

Key Features

  • The main features of the Beneq WCS 600 web coating system include:
  • True roll-to-roll ALD process
  • Non-contacting web handling
  • Precursor de-activation system
  • Electrical and control cabinet with PC user interface
  • Coating capacity of 400,000m2/yr
  • Maximum web width 600mm

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