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Publication plan for the virtual project on the history of ALD 2.0

[as published on] Publication plan for the virtual project on the history of ALD, v2.0
January 13, 2014
Riikka Puurunen (Dr.), Senior Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Jonas Sundqvist (Dr.), Group Leader High-k Devices, Fraunhofer IPMS-CNT, Germany
Annina Titoff, editor-in-chief,
This publication plan is related to the “virtual project on the history of ALD”, introduction of which and invitation to participate can be found here and introductory slides from here
The goals of the publication plans are a) To document early publications about ALD and spread information about them, and b) to promote interaction amongst the ALD Community.
1) Poster at Baltic ALD 2014
The plan is to publish the result of the “virtual project on the history of ALD” (info: first as a poster at the Baltic ALD conference, Helsinki, May 12-13, 2014.
The poster will report the literature list and personal comments on the individual publications similarly as collected in the “Google file”, link here. Up to year 1986 will be covered. [The time limit comes from the review of Goodman and Pessa, J. Appl. Phys. 60, R65 (1986), after which ALD literature cannot be considered “early”.]
The poster will have OPEN AUTHORSHIP, meaning that anyone who is interested to contribute in the building of an overview of the early history of ALD, may join the poster.
Each author should provide minimum one comment.
The author list will be alphabetical (basis: last name).
There will be no upper limit for the number of authors: the more authors there are, the better. (Count as of Jan 13, 2014: 23 authors from 9 countries.)
The conference deadline for the poster abstract is January 31. In practice, the abstract will be finalized and submitted a couple of days before that (latest Jan 28).
We will start to finalize the actual poster in the beginning of April. Interested people can still join as authors for the poster at least until March 2014.
2) Listing the early works at the site
After BALD 2014, the reference list created will be published at the website.
The list will include the authors, titles translated to English, original titles in the original language (Russian, Finnish, German, ...), and the publication info.
A note will be made somewhere near to the reference list, acknowledging that the list was created in an open and collaborative way in the effort called the “virtual project on the history of ALD”.
The comments made in the Google file will NOT in general be included.
If it appears that it would be useful to include some comments, the permission to do so will be individually sought by the one who made the comment, and the comment will only be included if a clear written acceptance (email or similar) is given.
3) Poster at ALD 2014, Kyoto
The result of the “virtual project on the history of ALD” will be published as a poster also at the AVS-ALD 2014 conference, Kyoto, June 15-18, 2014.
The concept for the poster at ALD 2014 in Kyoto will be similar as for the BALD 2014 poster, both concerning the contents and the OPEN AUTHORSHIP.
The conference deadline for the abstract is February 14. The plan is to submit the abstract on February 10, and interested authors can join until this date.
We will start to finalize the actual poster in the end of May. Interested people can still join as authors for the poster until May 15.
4) Oral(?) presentation at ALD 2014, Kyoto
We will request another presentation at ALD 2014. Oral presentation is preferred, but we will also be happy, if a poster presentation is granted.
The goal is to go one step further in interpretations than in the posters, and to describe the major “new” information found on the early evolution of ALD in the Virtual Project on the History of ALD.
There is OPEN AUTHORSHIP also for this.
The authors are listed in an alphabetical order.
Authors of this presentation should also be authors of the posters (vice versa is not necessary).
If accepted as an oral presentation, the presentation will be given by Riikka. All authors will have a chance to propose contents and give comments on the presentation in advance. Would it be difficult to choose contents, Riikka Puurunen and Jonas Sundqvist will in the end decide what is included in the presentation.
5) A review article on the early history of ALD
The plan is to write a review on the early developments of ALD in a scientific journal. Optionally, we may seek to publish a translation of the review paper also in Russian.
The author list in the review article will be in the alphabetical order.
Prospective authors are requested to contact Riikka Puurunen (riikka.puurunen, and Jonas Sundqvist (jonas.sundqvist and explain how they could contribute to the review article. All authors of the review article should preferably participate also in the poster presentations.
6) Updating wikipedia
If after accomplishing the “virtual project on the history of ALD” and writing the review paper it is evident that the information in wikipedia on the ALD pages can be improved, this will be done. (If you would like to volunteer for this, please contact us.)
Page of “atomic layer deposition”
Page of “atomic layer epitaxy”
Page of “multiple independent discoveries”

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