Monday, July 17, 2023

Oxford Instruments Reveals Advanced ALD Research System for Quantum Applications

Oxford Instruments, a UK-based company, has introduced the PlasmaPro ASP, a breakthrough addition to the Atomfab product line, set to redefine atomic layer deposition (ALD) research. The system features an exclusive remote-plasma source design, optimized chamber geometry, and wafer stage bias, resulting in a remarkable threefold increase in ALD deposition rates—a milestone for research efficiency.
“We have experienced high pre-launch interest from the market for the PlasmaPro ASP for superconducting quantum materials. The PlasmaPro ASP is designed to address key quantum challenges with an innovative high-rate source design and high machine up-time, as well as an intuitive software user interface called PTIQ."

“With the source design derived from our Atomfab® ALD production product, the PlasmaPro ASP retains process speed and robustness, with the inclusion of additional hardware to increase flexibility, which offers a unique solution to the quantum market to speed up development cycles.” Dr Russ Renzas, Quantum Technologies Market Manager, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, Americas.

The collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) on the plasma source design yielded accolades, with their joint research paper receiving recognition at the American Vacuum Society’s 22nd International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (AVS ALD/ALE 2022) conference.

With a primary focus on quantum technology, the PlasmaPro ASP facilitates the creation of essential low-resistivity and high-Tc superconducting nitride films. The system's intuitive software interface, PTIQ, along with its adaptable source design from Oxford Instruments' Atomfab ALD production product, ensures both rapid processing and robustness.

Anticipation for the PlasmaPro ASP's launch, especially for its potential in superconducting quantum materials, underscores the imminent impact of this innovation. Collaborative efforts with TU/e will likely accelerate advancements in quantum technology and various applications like electronics and photonics.

Professor Erwin Kessels of TU/e praises the PlasmaPro ASP for its distinctive capabilities, set to invigorate diverse research and innovation prospects.

Breakthrough Ultra-fast ALD Product - Oxford Instruments (

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