Wednesday, March 16, 2022

AVS ASD 2022 April 21-22 - Technical program


Technical Program
Reserve Hotel by March 25
We have arranged a special conference rate at the Westin St. Francis. Keep in mind that reserving a room in the conference hotel block is important because it helps ASD meet its financial commitments to the host city and retain lower registration fees as well as a high quality conference with the features and services you are accustomed too.

Due to limited space we recommend booking as early as possible to receive this special rate—please note that once the reserved/contracted room block is full, the room availability and rate are not guaranteed and may vary.

If your dates are not available, please contact Alberto Lamberti at 1-415-774-0122, for help.
In an effort to help facilitate the progression of ASD techniques, the 6th Area Selective Deposition Workshop (ASD 2022) scheduled for April 21-22, 2022, in San Francisco will act as a central event for sharing and discussing the newest developments in ASD by gathering leading experts from both academia and industry. Attendees can expect to participate in talks regarding fundamental challenges related to recent developments in ASD, applications for ASD in next-generation technology, emergent processes for implementing ASD techniques, and new perspectives on metrological and characterization strategies for further understanding persistent mechanistic challenges. Based on the success of the previous workshops, ASD 2022 will consist of two days of presentations by invited and contributing speakers, as well as a banquet reception and poster session.
Invited Speakers:

  • Keynote Speaker - Stacey Bent (Stanford University, USA), "Next Generation Nanopatterning Using Area Selective Deposition”
  • Cathleen Crudden (Queen's University, Canada), "N-heterocyclic Carbenes in Selective Area Deposition"
  • Jolien Dendooven (Ghent University, The Netherlands), "In-situ Studies of Nucleation Mechanisms during ALD of Platinum-Group Metals"
  • Damon Farmer (IBM Research, USA), "Inhibitor-Free Nucleation Inhibition of Superconductors"
  • Padma Gopalan (University of Wisconsin, USA), "Carbon Nanotube Selective Deposition"
  • Andrew Kummel (University of California San Diego), "Selective Atomic Layer Deposition of MoSiX"
  • Mikko Ritala (University of Helsinki, Finland), "Area-Selective Etching of Polymers, a Novel Approach to Self-Aligned Patterning of Thin Films"
  • Frances Ross (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA), "In Situ Electron Microscopy to Visualize Crystal Growth Mechanisms on Plain and Patterned Surfaces"
  • Bonggeun Shong (Hongik University, South Korea), "Theoretical Understanding on the Principles of Area-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition"
This event is centered on showcasing developments across the whole spectrum of area-selective deposition. Thus, the Workshop will cover a wide range of topics including the following:

  • Near Term Technology Readiness (Scalable and Relevant ASD Processes for Use in Manufacturing)
  • Fundamentals of ASD (Defects, Growth Mechanisms and Inhibitor Chemistries)
  • Metrology Techniques for ASD
  • Emerging/Exploratory ASD Processes and Applications (e.g., Catalysis, Energy Generation and Storage)
Program Chair:
Rudy J. Wojtecki
IBM Almaden Research Center, USA
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