Saturday, February 6, 2021

Quantumcat, the ALD-coated sticker that fights against surface contamination and COVID19

Opening a door, pressing an elevator button, hanging on to a subway bar, entering your bank code, tapping on a touch screen ... everyday actions performed by millions of people in public places. Simple actions that can however become a source of concern in a pandemic situation.

Previously published in French: LINK, here in BALD Engineering summer style:

BALD Engineering and Team visiting the Encapsulix Laboratory and Dr. Kools in South France, summer time making prototype stickers for the BALD Engineering Mobile Office / MB Sprinter Camper Van.

To adapt to this situation, Quantumcat has invented a self-disinfecting transparent sticker that can be applied to surfaces that you want to protect. Cash dispenser keypad, digital code, handle, subway bar, these virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal stickers are easily positioned on any surface for continuous disinfection.

Field test of the Quatumcat sticker

A self-disinfecting virucidal sticker 

It was during confinement that Jacques Kools developed this idea. A specialist in materials engineering, he imagines a sticker with a self-disinfecting surface. “It works on the same principle as self-cleaning windows. Quantum stickers produce hydrogen peroxide in contact with light and turn into antibacterial products. " The tests carried out at Gardanne finalize the prototype. While yet to be tested for COVID 19, the Quantumcat sticker has already demonstrated its disinfectant properties. Tests carried out by an independent laboratory in early September confirm the self-disinfecting action of the system. With unprecedented efficiency according to the specialists of this laboratory. Bactericidal products are generally approved from 99% fewer bacteria. “With Quantum stickers, we go from 1.7 million bacteria for an unprotected surface to 167 for a protected surface. »That is 99.99% less! 

Exceptional results due to the know-how of Jacques Kools’s team at the micro-atomic scale and years of optimization of thin-film materials. This innovation is the subject of a patent. In mid-October, a pilot sticker production line was built. Real-world tests have established the durability of the product.

Protection at the service of touch screens 

Next step for the Quantumcat solution, the application of stickers on the first generation of products for touch screens (cash dispensers, mobile phones, etc.): pilot projects are underway with public transport companies, banks, and hospitals. At the same time, the project to build the first factory is underway.

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