Friday, December 18, 2020

The 200 mm Wafer Processing Equipment market is surging - who´s there fore ALD?

According to a report by Mark Lapedus (Semiconductor Engineering) there is a surge in demand for various chips is causing shortages for select 200mm foundry capacity as well as 200mm fab equipment, and it shows no signs of abating in 2021.

Foundry customers will face a shortfall of 200mm capacity at select foundries at least in the first half of 2021, and perhaps beyond. Those customers will need to plan ahead to ensure they obtain enough 200mm capacity in 2021. Otherwise they could get locked out of the market altogether, or may need to pay a premium for that capacity.

From an ALD perspective this is a very interesting market for the smaller sub Tier 1 OMEs. In this group we find interesting ALD chambers and platform moving about on the 200 mm market with limited disturbance from Applied Materials, Tokyo Electron, ASM and Lam Research. From Tier 1 the main offering is ASM A400 ALD furnaces and refurbished equipment like TEL Formulas 50 Wafer batch that was an early bird for DRAM. If you go out search the sheds around airports you should also be able to find single wafer ALD like the famous ASM Pulsar 2000, Aviza, Genus, Jusung Engineering, Genitech, Aixtron and Tegal. In summary we can find a 200 fab compatible ALD offerings from these companies and Picosun is the only company that has also made a step into 300mm (Picosun Sprinter). 

  • Arradiance : LINK 
  • Beijing NAURA Microelectronics Equipment Co.,Ltd. : LINK
  • Beneq : LINK 
  • Encapsulix  SA : LINK
  • Forge Nano (Sundew Technologies) : LINK
  • FHR Anlagenbau GmbH : LINK
  • Isac Research : LINK  
  • KE Micro : LINK
  • Korea Vacuum Tech, Ltd. (KVT) : LINK 
  • Kurt J Lesker : LINK
  • NCD : LINK
  • Oxford Instruments : LINK
  • Picosun Oy : LINK  
  • Plasma Therm : LINK
  • Sentech : LINK
  • Sundew Technologies : LINK
  • SVT Associates : LINK
  • Trion Technology : LINK
  • Veeco CNT : LINK
  • Wuxi MNT Micro and Nanotech : LINK  
  • ZLD Technology : LINK
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Jonas Sundqvist, Ph.D.
Senior Technology Analyst TECHCET LLC CA (
CVD/ALD and Electronic Gases

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