Tuesday, June 16, 2020

EURIS announces launch of new Arradiance GEMStar Quantum ALD System in Europe

Euris is proud to announce the launch of the GEMStar QuantumTM, the latest generation of Atomic Layer Deposition system targeted for demanding applications requiring more precise control. Maintaining Arradiance’s belief of keeping footprint to a minimum, QuantumTM is a fully capable Plasma assisted ALD system requiring less than 0,6m2 of precious lab space.

Leveraging all of the reliability and proven performance of its predecessor, QuantumTM provides the next level of process control for nanotechnologies.  Let’s briefly hit a few of the highlights of the system that rolls out of the crate, and is ready to go to work for you within a day:

Front/top view

300oC hot wall dual zone air-cooled reactor
The Door configuration is ideal for Glove Box integrations and accepts all of the XTTM series Door configurations.  The configuration shown is the rotation particle coating and particle cup option
New and improved Glove Box Interface
300W ICP Plasma Source with 4 MFC controlled inputs and automated safety valves
Onboard RF Auto-Match and plasma controller


On-board gas box supporting dual 200 oC manifolds completely separate metal/organics from the oxidizer/reducers until they reach the reactor
Eight material inputs supporting 5 on-board material ports, up to four moveable heater zones and 2 MFC controlled bulk gas inputs all supported by a MFC controlled carrier gas
In addition, one port has the newly released e-Pulse Vapor Push that is now MFC controlled

Right side view turning to the back side

KF40 metrology interfaces
KF50 Exhaust port providing excellent vacuum conductance
EMO and external communication connections
The system is completely air-cooled – no chill water required!

Back to Front/top view

The software and GUI has been completely refreshed to be easier to learn and operated with tons of built in safety features that works seamlessly with the embedded hardware safety capabilities

More information about EURIS and ALD see: https://euris-semiconductor.com/supplier/arradiance/

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