Thursday, February 21, 2019

NCD Contracted with Risen Energy to supply 1.6GW solar cell ALD equipment

NCD recently signed the largest contract with Risen Energy, a Chinese solar cell manufacturer, to provide 1.6 GW solar cell manufacturing equipment in the next six months. This is a repeat order following the last purchase, so it indicates that the superiority and reliability of NCD’s ALD equipment has been fully proven to the customer.

This system is Lucida GS Series with Automation, the main product of NCD's solar division. By applying Lucida GS Series in the production of solar cells, customers chan dramatically lower the production cost of high efficiency solar cells due to the high-volume productivity, high yield, efficient gas consumption and low maintenance cost compared to competitors.

NCD will have continually made efforts to help our customers successful together and to become the world’s best ALD technology specialized company.
(Lucida GS Series + Automation)

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