Monday, September 17, 2018

The BALD Engineering Blog-Mobil : Sweden-Germany Roadtrip

You may or may not wonder what company car BALD Engineering AB is using for covering the latest news and events in ALD technology. Until recently it was the free access to a rather embarassing 1.2 L Ford Fusion that did not really fit to the image of the company or the ALD News Blog. That is why BALD Engineering has acquired a real car - a 1988 Volvo 244 DL from one of the co-drivers from the Swedish Volvo Race Team Hjulbusarna Motorsport, which BALD Engineering is sponsoring. Below you find some nice pictures from the recent Road trip Sweden-Germany and more will follow.

OKQ8 Linköping, Sweden: The first time filling up the tank after a 400 km cruise on the Swedish Autobahn resulting in a modest 11 L/100 km fuel consumption. This gas station was very close to the Aircraft museum where the conference dinner for EuroCVD/Baltic ALD 2017 was held. Further south when hitting the German Autobahn the fuel consumption naturally went up to 12-13 L/100 km.
Oxelösund, Sweden: The very proud previous owner and co-driver at Hjulbusarna Motorsport, Stefan Gustafsson handing over his beautiful, well maintained and powerful Volvo for new adventures.

Hjulbusarna Racing Head Quarter, Stigtomata, Sweden: Meeting up with EuroCVD/Baltic ALD Chair Prof. Pedersen who scouted the Red Volvo and who is also co-driver at Hjulbusarna Motorsport.

Prof. Pedersens Garage, Stigtomata, Sweden: Decorated with the BALD Engineering Logo.
Prof. Pedersens Garage, Stigtomata, Sweden: Detailed source inspection headed by one of the junior engineers and a team of little helpers.
BALD Engineering Headqaurter, Kopparmora, Sweden: Proud owner posing with the new company car.
Gedser, Denmark: lining up for the ferry to Germany


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