Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thermal atomic layer deposition of tungsten carbide films from WCl6 and TMA

Kyle J. Blakeney and Prof Winter from Department of Chemistry, Wayne State University just published a new exciting ALD path to tungsten carbide. WCl6 has favorable precursor characteristics and advantages over the widely used WF6, which is corrosive and toxic. In addition, fluorine tend to diffuse into dielectric layers (SiO2, SiN, high-k) and can cause reliability issues for transistor and memory devices e.g. in CMOS Logic, DRAM and NAND Flash Memory.

Films for this study were deposited in a Picosun R75-BE ALD reactor and WCl6 (99.9%, Strem)  delivered at 125 °C using the solid state booster in the reactor. You may find more details an the ALD redactors at their lab here (LINK).

Please check out the publication in JVSTA A - Open source available for all!

Free, Published Online: November 2017Accepted: October 2017
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 36, 01A104 (2018);

Nice little story on thermal #ALDep of tungsten carbide online now. TMA is definitely the most versatile ALD precursor
Also nice to see the refernce No. 33 to this Blog :-)

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