Thursday, March 7, 2024

Aalto University in Finland Wins Major Grant for Eco-Friendly Semiconductor Technology

Aalto University, in close collaboration with key industry players including Applied Materials in Finland (Picosun), PiBond, and Volatec, has been awarded a significant grant by Business Finland for their groundbreaking project titled “New chemistries for resource-efficient semiconductor manufacturing”. This initiative is a part of the larger "Chip Zero" Ecosystem, spearheaded by Picosun, aiming to revolutionize the semiconductor industry by developing chips that boast zero lifetime emissions—a first in Finland's tech landscape.

Led by Professors Maarit Karppinen and Antti Karttunen from Aalto's Department of Chemistry and Materials Science, the project seeks to address the pressing environmental concerns associated with semiconductor manufacturing. With the industry's carbon footprint and resource consumption at an all-time high, this co-innovation venture promises to pave the way for more sustainable production methods.

Dr. Ramin Ghiyasi working in the CHEMI-SEMI project holding a silicon wafer after atomic layer deposition, Department of Chemistry and Material Science

The project's goals are ambitious yet crucial. By innovating new chemical processes and materials, the team aims to minimize the environmental impact of semiconductor fabrication. This includes the development of novel, eco-friendly precursors and solvents, enhancing material purification, and advancing recycling practices, as highlighted by Dr. Marja Tiitta from Volatec.

Dr. Thomas Gädda of PiBond emphasizes the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving these sustainability targets, underscoring the project's reliance on a synergy of expertise from academia and industry. This collaborative framework is expected to yield advancements in chemical usage, process optimization, and energy efficiency in semiconductor manufacturing.

With its comprehensive approach, combining experimental research with computational modeling, the project aspires not only to innovate within the confines of semiconductor technology but also to set a new standard for environmentally conscious manufacturing practices in the industry.

Source: Significant Grant for Greener Semiconductor Technology from Business Finland | Aalto University

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