Thursday, March 25, 2021

Forge Nano on ALD for Radio frequency (RF) and power electronics

WHITE PAPER by Forge Nano : Radio frequency (RF) and power electronics are vital to an array of industries, from telecom and consumer electronics to transportation and energy distribution. As energy diversification and the prevalence of high-speed electronics continue to grow, RF and power electronics are expected to reach a global market of $36.6 billion by 2027. Extreme environments such as high temperatures, ultra-violet radiation, oxygen, salinity, and moisture are all threats that degrade and corrode active components causing early failure. Atomic layer deposition (ALD) has created substantial improvements to the reliability and performance of RF and power electronics. Using ALD as an encapsulation layer at the wafer level or as a final hermetic seal at the chip/module/PCB level has been shown to substantially improve electronic performance and lifetime. ALD layers enable longer lifetimes, higher performance and lower cost without adding the considerable mass gain and high temperature processing associated with conventional hermetic coatings.

Check out this fast ALD-Beast: LINK

ALD Advantages:
  • Hermetic sealing encapsulation layers with minimal thickness
  • Pristine conformality in high-aspect ratio structures
  • Ultra-low particle generation
  • Low stress films
  • Improved lifetime of circuits and PCBs
  • Increased resistance to harsh environments
  • No peeling or flaking of the hermetic seal at atmospheres >1200 PSI
  • Negligible mass gain from coating at 100 nm

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