Thursday, May 4, 2017

CMC 2017- What do Cobalt, Wafers and Metrology have in Common?

COBALT CONFLICTS: The supply of cobalt is heavily dependent on the use of small mines in Africa (~ 50% of cobalt comes the Democratic Republic of Congo), which have been tied to human rights abuses.  With the increasing use of cobalt for copper barrier layers and as a possible replacement for tungsten, the mining of cobalt has become a more immediate concern to the semiconductor industry.  Details on supply-chain management and options to reduce risk and control costs will be presented by Oliver Briel, from Umicore, a leading metals/precursors company.

WW WAFERS: China is the largest growing demand for semiconductor materials. Given the country's push to grow their semiconductor technology vertically and horizontally, many material suppliers are gaining ground in both competency and capability - wafer manufacturing is one key example. At present, only 14.1% of China's overall wafer demand is supplied domestically, but plans are in place to double this share over the next few years. Richard Chang, Ph.D., Zing Semiconductor's CEO will present details on this growing market segment including forecasts on semiconductor fab production volumes in China through 2020, revealing a 2.4X growth in demand.
METROLOGY MATTERS: Metrology methods are being challenged by leading edge device designs. Defectivity improvement, a key for HVM yield enhancement, and controlling cost per wafer start with metrology work. Analysis and characterization gaps are revealed and paths toward resolving these gaps are discussed. Metrology Challenges in Controlling Liquids/Slurries will be presented by Jeff Hemphill of Intel.

The CMC conference (which follows the Critical Materials Council Private meetings, May 9-10) is an annual two-day gathering of semiconductor professionals interested in immediate and Future Materials Issues for IC fabrication. Presentations from leading companies such as Intel, Samsung, Cypress, IBM, TEL, KPMG and Keller & Heckman, will address regulatory issues, trends in global markets and the rise of fabs in China, emerging materials and processes among other pertinent and important materials topics.
More than 20 powerful & actionable presentations, a highly differentiated program, with networking opportunities for all attendees.
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