Thursday, May 25, 2017

MV Products' Vacuum Inlet Traps Protect Atomic Layer Deposition Tools

North Billerica, MA (PRWEB) May 24, 2017 MV Products has introduced a full line of vacuum pump inlet traps that can be customized by users to protect the vacuum pumps and lines on atomic layer deposition (ALD) tools from particulates and unreacted precursors.

MV Vacuum Inlet Traps for ALD processes can be easily customized by users to remove all process byproducts from precursors such as TMA, TiCl, DeZ, and H2S including particulates and unreacted precursors. Suitable for the manufacturing of ICs, MEMS, LEDs and OLEDs, optics, displays, batteries, and more, these stainless steel traps are offered in sizes for protecting vacuum pumps and lines with flow rates from 25 to 2000 CFM. 
The MV MULTI-TRAP® is a high capacity, high conductance vacuum inlet trap that protects your pump against corrosive chemicals and abrasive particles present in your vacuum system (MV Vacuum Inlet Traps ).
Available for both research and production applications, MV Vacuum Inlet Traps for ALD processes Traps range from 4" to 16" dia. with port sizes from NW-25 to ISO-160 and use interchangeable filter elements. Filter types include stainless steel gauze for particle filtration, activated charcoal for unreacted cursor adsorption, Sodasorb® for acid neutralization, and Sulfatreat® for H2S neutralization.

MV Vacuum Inlet Traps for ALD processes are priced from $249.95 to $4,799.00, depending upon configuration. Price quotations are available on request.

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