Thursday, November 28, 2019

45 years since the first patent on Atomic Layer Deposition by Tuomo Suntola and Jorma Antson from Finland

Tomorrow it is 45 years since the first patent on Atomic Layer Deposition by Tuomo Suntola and Jorma Antson from Finland. While on LinkedIn, you are using multiple computer chips manufactured by this almost invisible technology that is inside your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, internet servers, and many more places. In the periodic table below, ALD processes of ultra-thin films and interfaces containing Si, Al, T, Zr, Hf, Nb, Ta, W, and some more that are used in those chips are shown. The ALD revolution continues in the field of more efficient solar cells and safer and improved batteries as well as novel applications in energy harvesting, pharmacology, and space exploration! Enjoy!

Animated periodic table of ALD processes from AtomicLimits LINK

It was a honour to meet Dr. Tuomo Suntola yesterday in Dresden on The World Nano Day at EFDS V2019 in Dresden! Vielen Dank an Herrn Dr. Suntola für die Atomlagenabscheidung!


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