Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Demand for 200 mm tools outstrips supply according to Applied Materials

According to David Lammers at Applied Materials (Nanochip COVER STORY: DEMAND FOR 200MM TOOLS OUTSTRIPS SUPPLY).

This must be a good opportunity for the ALD suppliers like Picosun, Oxford Instruments, BENEQ and Ultratech CNT to get into the game and supply ALD chambers for all kinds of More than Gordon Moore applications like MEMS, Capacitors and other devices and single layer applications. As far as I know you can´t buy new ASM Pulsar 200 mm chambers anymore so have to get a 300mm bridge tool and the other options you have are for sure 200 mm large batch furnaces from ASM or Tokyo Electron but those have cycle time penalty and high thermal budget and none of these have PEALD capability, which as reported here many times is booming in scientific activity and possibly also in production.

A wide variety of systems, ranging from smartphones and autos to wearables, rely on trailing-edge devices made on 200mm wafers. (Source: Applied Materials)

TSMC and its joint ventures own the most 200mm wafer fab capacity, while STMicroelectronics, a power in the MEMS sensor field, is the leading 150mm wafer processor. (Source: IC Insights)

Just to refresh everybody's memory, eher is a table summarizing many of those alternatives for 200 mm ALD suppliers published by ALDPulse some time ago.

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