Friday, November 3, 2023

Dutch Election Frontrunner Advocates for Earlier ASML Export Restrictions to China

Dilan Yesilgoz-Zegerius, the leading candidate in the Dutch elections, has stated that the Netherlands should have responded more swiftly to restrict exports of ASML Holding NV's advanced chipmaking equipment to China. The U.S. has coordinated with the Netherlands and Japan to impose these export bans, which are set to take effect in January, in an effort to prevent China from using the technology to gain a military advantage. ASML, the most valuable Dutch company, has opposed these restrictions.

A recent incident where Chinese company Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. used ASML equipment to make advanced processors for Huawei smartphones underscores the urgency and the missed opportunity for earlier action by the Netherlands.

Yesilgoz-Zegerius acknowledged that the Netherlands had been "naive" about its security, emphasizing the need for cooperation with the U.S. to ensure independence from undesirable collaborations. Her stance, however, contrasts with some local lawmakers who criticize the export curbs as an infringement on Dutch sovereignty.

As she vies to become the Netherlands' first female prime minister and the first refugee to hold the position, Yesilgoz-Zegerius has made headlines with her tough stance on immigration, opposing a parliamentary motion that reduces tax benefits for expats and arguing for a significant reduction in migrant numbers. Her comments have sparked debate among Dutch tech companies like ASML, which rely on international expertise and have expressed concerns about the tightening of such tax benefits.


ASML China Export Curbs Too Late, Yesilgoz-Zegerius Says - Bloomberg

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