Monday, April 10, 2023

Korea’s Jusung Engineering set to supply non-memory chip gears overseas

South Korean chip equipment manufacturer Jusung Engineering Co. is set to supply atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment to a leading global chip manufacturer for system chips at a U.S. integrated device manufacturer and a major foundry in Taiwan, according to its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Hwang Chul-joo.

“The test conducted by our global customer on the Guidance Series, an ALD equipment developed for the first time in the world in 2020, has been completed and we expect the purchase order to come in the first half of this year,” Hwang told Maeil Business Newspaper.

In general, it takes two to three years for a chip equipment to be verified and applied to mass production after development. Jusung Engineering, which has been engaged in the joint development of an ALD equipment with a global non-memory chip manufacturer since 2015, has carried out tests with multiple clients from 2020.

Jusung Engineering until now had been focused on the manufacturing deposition equipment that coats necessary substances to wafers as part of a chip manufacturing process.


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