Monday, July 11, 2022

AlixLabs at AVS ALD ALE 2022 in Ghent, Belgium

AlixLabs AB participated and presented at The AVS 22nd International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2022) featuring the 9th International Atomic Layer Etching Workshop (ALE 2022) in Ghent, Belgium June 27 to 29.

Yoana gave her oral presentation in session LE1-TuA-4 In-situ Optical Emission Spectroscopy as a Tool to Characterize Cyclic Quasi-Atomic Layer Etching, Yoana Ilarionova, Lund University, Sweden; M. Karimi, AlixLabs, Sweden; D. Lishan, D. Geerpuram, Plasma-Therm LLC, USA; R. Jafari Jam, D. Suyatin, J. Sundqvist, AlixLabs, Sweden; I. Maximov, Lund University, Sweden

Jonas gave an invited talk for TECHCET LLC CA in: AA2-TuM2-1 High ALD Equipment and Precursor Demand and 5-Year Forecast Due to Continued Semiconductor Device Scaling and Fab Expansions.

Dmitry as part of the AVS ALE Scientific Committee moderated the session ALE1-TuA In situ Studies, Mechanisms, and Modeling of ALE. We had a fantastic time and met a lot of old friends and made new ones!

Team photo: Reza Jafari Jam, Jonas Sundqvist, Yoana Ilarionova and Dmitry Suyatin.

Reza and Yoana taking on the ALD / ALE industrial exhibition.

Ghent by night, view from the Beneq party in the main castle - Gravensteen.

Dinner in a Castle.

Boat trip in beautiful Ghent

New slim line of MFCs and Valves from Fujikin.

Dmitry and Jonas met up with AlixLabs' long-time supporters Prof. Fred Roozeboom and Dr. Jacques Kools.

Yoana getting questions from Prof. Steven .M. Geroge himself.

Yoanas title slide.

ALE - the icing on the cake

Angélique Raley from Tokyo Electron USA giving the best ALE talk!

AlixLabs sponsored the Social Media Chair 2022 - please check Twitter by the Social Media Chairs @Mick__geek and @hacp81
 for more famous ALD and ALE people 

AVS ALD ALE 2022 Page:

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